Button pendant stations
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RM2M    also    sells    a    SECURED    button    pendant    station,    conceived    and produced   in   our   premises,   meeting   the   Social   Security   standards,   in   terms of risks of accidents. RM2M    is    at    your    disposal    for    the    realization    of    your    button    pendant station, containing specific characteristics to your own field of use.

RM2M sells pendant, wall and specials

push-button cases

RM2M   sells   button   pendant   stations   that   meet   almost   all industrial   needs   (1   to   14   buttons   as   standard).   The   choice is   important   in   both   pendant   and   wall   boxes.   The   boxes’ configuration   is   generally   a   mix   of   possibilities,   because the    needs    are    not    always    standards.    From    the    hoist control   to   the   lift,   through   the   bucket   or   a   more   complex control box, RM2M meets your specifications.
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